Flexitallic Ltd.

Flexitallic demonstrates complementary evolution of sealing technology and engineering competency

Demonstrations using the FADU will be held on Flexitallic’s stand at Valve World

The synergies between innovative sealing technologies and the development of engineer competency will be a central theme of Flexitallic’s appearance at the Valve World Exhibition (Stand 3E14).

Flexitallic, the global sealing solutions specialist, is committed to supporting skills development within industry as effective use of its gasket technologies ensures increased competency levels among engineers and therefore, safer on-site operations.

Through its Academy of Joint Integrity, Flexitallic delivers Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) and Energy Institute (EI)-accredited mechanical joint integrity programmes to support the skills development and competencies of engineers.

Flexitallic’s holistic approach to sealing technology will be evident at Valve World with daily demonstrations of its products and training utilising its specialist Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit (FADU).

Providing hand-on, practical training scenarios, the FADU forms an integral part of the Academy’s joint integrity programmes for engineers involved in flange assembly, pipeline integrity and operations in hazardous areas.

The units enable engineers undergoing training to tighten a bolted joint and see the impact of tightening procedures, on-screen, through innovative load monitoring software.

Among the advancements in gasket technology being highlighted at Valve World will be Thermiculite®. Exclusive to Flexitallic, Thermiculite® gasket material was developed over a 15-year period for use in critical services applications, from cryogenics to temperatures in excess of 1000oC.

Comprised of thermally and chemically exfoliated Vermiculite, a versatile, inorganic, non-oxidising mineral, Thermiculite® demonstrates considerable versatility and has become specified by name throughout industry.

Its versatility has enabled Flexitallic’s engineers to devise bespoke sealing configurations in equipment and piping systems to increase operational up-times for customers.

Thermiculite® is used in a number of gasket solutions, including Change™, which is resilient gasket featuring a unique sealing construction utilising a new high-tech welding process. It delivers a more dynamic seal, with superior compression and recovery than any other gasket on the market.

Joining Flexitallic on its stand at Valve World will be its new global partner Sage Environmental Consulting, which delivers specialist emission control and process safety environmental services.

The partnership enables the companies to offer new and enhanced services to customers relating to the identification, management, prevention and repair of fugitive emissions.

The two companies will also be involved in a workshop at Valve World on Wednesday 3 December at 1.30pm.

Key speaker and moderator, Rich Davis, Flexitallic’s Business Development Manager for Western Hemisphere and China, will be joined by colleagues from Sage to provide an update on the current and new API testing requirements in relation to fugitive emissions testing and application in the chemical industry.

Alex Lattimer, Marketing and Academy Director at Flexitallic Ltd, said: “Creating innovative and effective technologies is only half of the challenge of achieving leak-free joints. Continually developing and assessing engineer competencies and skills should work hand in hand with producing new technologies to ensure plants can achieve optimum productivity from plant equipment.

“This holistic approach is part of our commitment to ensure our customers are ‘Flexitallic Safe’ through every innovation we make, application we meet and training competency we provide.

“Safety is one of the highest priorities for our customers. They can be confident that, along with the products we manufacture, they are receiving support and guidance from Flexitallic that adds another level of protection to their operations.”