Galperti Engineering & Flow Control SPA

Galperti Engineering is now in deep subsea

 ’Galperti Engineering have announced their entry into the Subsea Valve market with their G-BLOK SUB range.

Building on the success of their valve range for topsides applications over the last 20 years, GE have spent the last months developing and testing their new subsea valve range which incorporate several innovative and unique design features.

GE have made substantial investment in the new subsea division including installation of one of the most sophisticated Hyperbaric Test chambers in the industry with fast closure system, calibrated subsea ROV and high pressure water cooling system in which valves can be tested to depths of 5000m.

In parallel with the Subsea Valve development GE have also developed a new Compact Subsea Actuator.

Both the subsea valves and subsea actuators draw on GE’s long past experience and unique capabilities of handling in house all aspects of manufacturing from R & D, Engineering & Design, state of the art forging plant, purpose built heat treatment facility, machining, assembly and testing.

Valves are available as single ball and also double block & bleed arrangement and will be bespoke to customers specific requirements.