Paladon Systems Limited

New Malaysian Agent

Songket Petroleum joins Paladon Systems global team of representatives

Songket Petroleum joins Paladon Systems’ global team of representatives to enhance customer support in Malaysia

Songket Petroleum Director Linda Zain, “Songket Petroleum was established with the goal to provide our customers with the best technology, equipment solutions and services in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Mining and Energy industries. We are actively involved in the manufacturing, procurement, modification, installation and services of tailored ball valves and advanced valve actuation solutions. We look forward to working closely with Paladon Systems to help our Malaysian clients maximize the efficiency and reliability of their operations via the implementation of Paladon Systems’ industry-leading valve automation technologies.”

Paladon Systems Vice President Asia Pacific Region Anba Nagappan, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Linda Zain on various projects over the last several years. Linda and her team have consistently demonstrated their commercial and technical capability to understand and solve the operational challenges faced by their clients and I am proud that they have chosen to partner with Paladon Systems.