Armaturen-Wolff Friedrich H. Wolff GmbH & Co. KG

ARMATUREN-WOLFF filing patent application for High-Performance Quick-Closing Valve

As a well established manufacturer of emergency shutdown valves and systems for many years, ARMATUREN-WOLFF now complements their scope of supply with a product line for high pressure and extreme operating conditions. Based on the innvoative doublestem technology, the valve is cabable to close a pipeling of DN 250, for instance, under a pressure of 30 bars, within a fraction of a second and without the need of auxiliary energy.

This is made possible by a complete pressure balance on all movable parts inside the valve. Thanks to the doublestem concept, the setting force during the closing process is reduced to a minimum, yielding substantial cost savings for the bonnet construction and the actuation arrangement through a lighter design. Impulse actuation with either electrical voltage, compressed air, hydraulics or a manual option provides a universal solution for every application. Grace to the stem sealing with bellows-seal and the selection of suitable materials, suitabilitity is guaranteed for an increased medium temperature up to 400°C as well as aggressive or flammable media. For the trim, there is a metallic version available as well as a solution with an additional soft sealing. The valve is suitable for liquids, gases and steam and acceptable for the complete range of categories I to IV. An individual certification by shipbuilding classification societies is possible.

ARMATUREN-WOLFF is expecting significant cost-saving and technical advantages in comparison to conventional ESD valves.

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