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Visitor statements

Giuseppe Carucci, Flowserve, Jacqueline Onditi, Flowserve, Italy
For Mr. Carucci it is the first visit to the Valve World Expo, Ms. Onditi is already experienced for many years. Ms Onditi sees a clear development among the exhibitors at the fair: "In the past, especially at times when the venue was still Maastricht, there were almost exclusively companies that matched the core theme of valves and fittings to deal with automation, for example. " The observation is to be interpreted positively, because both work in the field of automation and can thereby make many appointments.

Thomas Roggenbuck, ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH and Benedict Engelns, ThyssenKrupp Das Amaturenzentrum , Germany
Both visitors work in technical sales for fittings and look forward to a day full of inspiration. "We have no fixed dates, we want to stay spontaneous, because the Valve World Expo is a big industry gathering. So meeting business partners happens automatically", Thomas Roggenbuck explains. He knows the exhibiton from Maastricht, where the Valve World Expo took place before it found its new home in Düsseldorf eight years ago. Benedict Engelns visits the Expo for the first time and will come back, of course.
Natalia Golovatskaya, Head of Sales Department, Anastasia Golovatskaya, Technical Support Specialist, Yulia Faizova, General Director
Production SIGMA Association, Moscow, Russia

The three envoys of the trade company SIGMA are attending the Valve World Expo as visitors this year, but are also familiar with the trade fair as an exhibitor from the past. Ms. Natalia Golovatskaya recalls: "Four years ago, we were here with a stand, but times are changing and we have decided to visit without a stand this year, because the objectives are very concrete. We are looking for detailed solutions, something new and innovative, for example, in terms of design or product quality. " The Valve World Expo is well known in the industry in Russia. The three visitors were surprised by the large number of compatriots they met on the spot.

Odd Agotnes, OA Valves AS, Norway
Mr. Agotnes has been in town since Sunday and was already able to get to know Düsseldorf better and better. Not only the stay at the Valve World Expo is an regular highlight for the Norwegian, but he also likes Germany. The former Sales Manager has been in business for thirty years. He says: "In my long career many solid relationships have developed. I am actually retired, but I could not stop working, that is why I am self-employed as a consultant." As the times change, he explains: "Compared to other industries, our business is not changing fast - the change is modest. Yet automation is a key challenge."

Steve Burns, SSS Super Alloys, United Kingdom
SSS Super Alloys are a global OEM approved Nickel Alloy distributor. Mr. Burns works in sales and plans a stay of two days. It is his first stay at the fair. He says: "The past few years have been relatively difficult forthe whole industry, but now it´s uphill, that is why the Valve World Expo takes place at a good time." We target potential candidates and focus on new acquisitions, even though the German market is not the most important for us, but of course this fair is a must, because of its high internationality " In particular, the Italian market plays a major role for Mr. Burns.
Flavio Cordero, Pipeline Engineering, MMEC Mannesmann GmbH, Germany
Mr. Cordero is already looking forward to successful dates on the first day: "It's great to meet the business partners in person, with whom you usually only speak by phone, and it's great if the meetings are so successful that I'm right there Because my workplace is not far away, because the MMEC Mannesmann is based in Düsseldorf. In half an hour I'm already there," he summarizes. MMEC Mannesmann (MMEC) is an independent German plant manufacturer offering its customers the entire range of services from study and feasibility studies to project implementation.

Exhibitor testimonials

Nevenka Lorencak, Mag. Managementa, Luka Fidersek, Referent Prodaje, Cinkarna, Slovenija
Cinkarna was founded in 1873. From 1968, the mainly metallurgical company transformed itself into a chemical and manufacturing industry. Mr. Fidersek says, "At Valve World Expo, we will be showcasing a specific segment of our Group, such as piping, fittings, valves with PTFE / PFA. And we have some special features that we are known for. At the Valve Word Expo we are calling ourselves to the memory of the people because our name recognition is very high. "
Oliviero Colombani, Sales Department, Evoltex, Paolo Spolti, CEO, Tecnoextr s.r.l.,
Marzia Spolti, General Manager, Tecnoservice Italia s.r.l., Italy
The group includes Tecnoservice, Evoltex and Tecnoextr. It is specialized in the manufacture of spiral wound gaskets, metal, metal-plastics, printed and extruded in rubber. The three exhibitors belong to the family, who are now involved in the second and third generation businesses. Mrs. Spolti points to her brother and son and says proudly: "My father founded the company 55 years ago and it's great that the family is still working together." In addition to the care of the family tradition, the relation to the country of origin also plays an important role: "We produce in Italy and can nevertheless or better, for that very reason, offer long-term high quality and individual service at reasonable prices."
Hans-Peter Kranewitter, Head of Sales, Praher Plastics Austria GmbH, Austria
Praher Plastics is an Austrian medium-sized company that manufactures and sells plastic fittings, fittings and pipes. Praher is strongly represented, especially in the field of water treatment and in the chemical industry. Mr. Kranewitter says: "Working with plastics, we feel almost like a niche supplier here at the Valve World Expo, even though we are one of the top 5 suppliers in Europe. There are only a few companies at the Valve World Expo working with plastics. But we see it as an advantage - we had people from all over the world, for example from Asia or Russia - everyone wanted to know how to use plastics to produce and were curious about our technology. "

Celine Salvado, Marketing Manager, Tecofi - Valve Designer, France
Ms. Salvado states the Valve World Expo is one of the many shows that the French manufacturer Tecofi completes every time: "Our company's success is based on 60% export share and we are often on the road to showcase our products. We are a manufacturer of industrial valves and design, produce and market a full line of valves, valves and fittings for all types of industries." Compared to many other fairs, the Valve World Expo stands out above all for its international orientation. This is very important, as Ms. Salvado asks: "Increasing our visibility and making the brand well known is a high priority for us, where does it work better?"

Peggy Zhang, Sales Manager of International Department, KOKO Valve Group, Shanghai, China
KOKO Valve was founded in 1987 and develops and manufactures valves. Meanwhile, the group has grown to over a thousand employees. Ms. Zhang is proud of the growing expertise and international growth in more than 40 countries and regions across the globe: "The Valve World Expo is therefore important as our international business partners gather together - whether old customers or potential customers: The Valve World Expo is the perfect place to promote our business." In addition to the large variety of visitors, it is above all the professional organization that Ms. Zhang praises.
Johannes Burchardt, Marketing Manager, Siemens AG, Process Industries and Drives Division Process Automation, Karlsruhe, Germany
Mr. Buchhardt is pleased about his first visit to the Valve World Expo. Of course, Siemens AG has been a long-standing exhibitor for its process instrumentation division for the chemical, water, energy, oil and gas sectors. That's why he heard a lot about the fair in advance from his colleagues. He states: "We have a lot of exciting topics to offer at our stand this year, especially in the field of digital solutions." Another focus is the launch of our new job controller and we are very curious what the feedback from existing and potential customers. Personal contact very often lead to constructive discussions. "

Impressions VALVE WORLD EXPO 2018

Already for the fifth time, the No1 fair for industrial valves, VALVE WORLD EXPO, takes place at Düsseldorf Fairgrounds.
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650 exhibitors from 40 countries attend the trade fair.
Visiting the company Festo with the press team.
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