2 Spotlight on New Technology Awards for FMC

FMC Technologies will be presented two Spotlight on New Technology Awards at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). The awards, which honour innovative technologies that have a significant impact on offshore exploration and production, are in recognition of FMC Technologies' ISOL-8 Pump and Offshore Loading Arm Footless.

"We are honoured to again be recognised by OTC with these prestigious awards”, said John Gremp, FMC Technologies' chairman, president and CEO. The ISOL-8 Pump, developed by FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics, enables secondary intervention for blowout preventers (BOPs) in compliance with API Standard 53. The ISOL-8 Pump is tightly integrated with FMC Technologies' UHD III Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and uniquely meets the 45s requirement for closing BOP shear rams.

The Offshore Loading Arm Footless (OLAF) has been developed for liquefied natural gas (LNG) transfer between large floating LNG (FLNG) vessels and conventional LNG carriers. The OLAF design is able to accommodate the large elevation differences between the FLNG deck where it is based and the LNG carrier piping connection at a lower level. OLAF features an advanced targeting system for connection assistance and a constant position monitoring system, SIL3, to manage emergency disconnection.