AUMA gearboxes have been selected to support the world’s largest hydraulic project. By mid 2012, one million people in the metropolitan region of Caracas in Venezuela will benefit from water flowing at a rate of 21,000 litres per second through 72km of pipes. Bespoke AUMA gearboxes, designed for pressures of up to 60bars, support the giant scale of the scheme.

The GS 630.3 gearbox selected for the Venezuelan contract is a highly specialist AUMA product designed for torques up to 675,000Nm. Built to order, the gearbox is installed in major water installations around the globe including giant subterranean aquifers in the Sahara desert and large scale water supply projects. Located in Miranda, South of Caracas, the scheme, which is known as Tuy System IV, features pipelines up to three metres in diameter.

Inauguration of the work is scheduled for June 2012: water will then be transported to people living and working in Caracas, Miranda and Vargas states. The project represents a total investment of USD 382.3 million by the Bolivarian Government.