BASF prepares for 150th anniversary in 2015

BASF is introducing a new claim ‘We create chemistry’ in its logo. The new claim is derived from BASF’s ‘We create chemistry’ strategy announced in 2011. “Since we launched this strategy, BASF has been increasingly focusing on offering its customers functionalised products and solutions based on chemistry as a clever combination of compounds. It is, therefore, the right time to make the next step and move from ‘The Chemical Company’ to ‘We create chemistry.’ The new claim refers not only to science but also to the chemistry between people, which is at the core of BASF and its brand”, explained Dr Kurt Bock, chairperson of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF.

Initially, ‘We create chemistry’ will mainly be used in the logo in circumstances directly related to the company’s 150th anniversary. As of 1 January 2015, it will be applied broadly throughout BASF. The other elements of BASF’s corporate design, for example the six corporate colors, will remain unchanged.