Bendix solenoid valves cross 100,000-unit mark

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has surpassed the 100,000-unit production milestone just one year after the introduction of two high-performing solenoid valves engineered to manage medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle accessories. Bendix, the North American company developing and manufacturing active safety technologies, energy management solutions, and braking system technologies, launched the Bendix SMS-9700 Accessory Solenoid Valve in May 2012 and the Bendix FCS-9700 Fan Clutch Solenoid Valve in October 2012.
The Bendix SMS-9700 and the Bendix FCS-9700 feature a streamlined package design, making them approximately 20% smaller and 30% lighter than other models on the market. As a result, Bendix’s solenoid valves take up less space in mounting locations such as the frame rail or cross members, and reduce overall vehicle weight, allowing for more efficient air systems control.
Both solenoid valves are engineered to protect against moisture and corrosion. The Bendix FCS-9700 is also designed for mounting inside the engine compartment and is capable of withstanding higher temperatures.
Bendix helps meet a variety of OEM and fleet needs by offering the Bendix SMS-9700 and Bendix FCS-9700 in 12-volt or 24-volt designs, and in Normally Open or Normally Closed configurations. The Bendix SMS-9700 Accessory Solenoid Valve and Bendix FCS-9700 Fan Clutch Solenoid Valve are produced at the company’s Acuña, Mexico, manufacturing facility.