Fainger LESER clears cluster certification audit

The cluster certification audit of Fainger LESER was conducted successfully this April by lead auditor Saswata Maulik representing TÜV Nord Mumbai branch. The successful cluster certification affirms that Fainger LESER applies local quality standards and complies with the standards of the international Qualitysystem LESER.

Thanks to the successful installation of the global LESER quality management system, Fainger LESER is now the latest member of the LESER global quality cluster. The Fainger LESER quality management system is in line with LESER’s global standards and is certified under ISO 9001: 2008.

Ashish Jain, sr. manager QM, said over this achievement “At Fainger LESER we always believe in providing a good quality product to our customers. The quality and performance of our safety relief valves are ensured by following standardised procedures for testing according to API 527 and conducting internal inspections in every process. The dedicated team of qualified engineers carries out these tests for every manufactured safety valve.”