WEH’s new range of gas valves feature a unique linear design, which can combine up to 3 functions into a single valve. The valves function as stop valves with the option of integrating either a venting valve, check valve or both functions into one compact unit.

These high-pressure valves are suited to both liquid and gaseous media and are particularly suited to gas applications in process plants eg. inert, combustible and oxidising gases. The valves are constructed with either manual or pneumatic actuators.

The light weight (5kg including pneumatic actuator) compact design, high flowrates and quiet operation make the valves suited to gas plant applications. The valves are complemented by a series of adaptors enabling the valves to be interconnected within a small space envelope thereby reducing pipe work costs.

This system enables additional valves to be integrated at a later date. The TV17 valve can be supplied as a single unit or as a complete multi-valve assembly ready for installation into a gas plant. The standard valve is constructed from high-grade stainless steel and brass. It is designed for pressures up to 500bar with nominal bore sizes of 8 and 12mm.