International valve expert to address offshore challenges

Phil Keating, a leading international valve expert and specialist in the oil and gas sector will be one of the speakers at the prestigious 2013 Valve World Asia conference being held in Suzhou, China, in September. Keating, who is the business development director for the Energy sector at Norgren, a market leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technology, will discuss the issues surrounding the filtration of compressed gas and air on offshore rigs.

Keating, who has spent the past decade specialising in product development for Norgren will outline some of the challenges faced in keeping equipment operating reliably and discuss recent advances in filter design that help meet those challenges.

He explains, “Properly filtering compressed gas or air to remove particulates can prevent many of the problems, but the operating environment on an offshore rig presents other challenges, including adverse ambient conditions and the difficulty of scheduling maintenance and repairs. These challenges are amplified by the high cost of failure of a rig. At Norgren, we have been developing robust and innovative solutions to these problems and I will be outlining some of the advances being made globally.”

To be held on 11 and 12 September, the conference runs
alongside the Valve World Asia Expo, which takes place in the Suzhou International Expo Centre. It is a meeting point for valve professionals from around the world, and is expected to attract more than 7,000 international visitors and conference participants. Phil Keating will be speaking during the design session scheduled for Wednesday, 11 September.