New Freudenberg-NOK products at Mecânica Fair

Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies will mark 85 years of innovation in the sealing components business with a series of exclusive products at the 2014 Mecânica Fair – one of the largest industrial showcases in Latin America. The products that will be shown have been recently launched in the world market to meet the new efficiency standards set by the machinery and equipment industry.

One of the products that will be launched by Freudenberg-NOK at the Mecânica fair is a new type of polyurethane for hydraulic applications that can withstand temperatures between -35°C and 120°C, mineral or synthetic fluids, pressure peaks and ozone attack.

Another solution for extreme operating conditions is the HDP 330 piston seal, with a slide ring made of polyamide attached to an energiser made of nitrile rubber or HNBR. It is extremely resistant to extrusion and abrasion, and it withstands pressures of 800 bar.

The company developed a new set of rotary hydraulic seals. Made of thermoplastic polyurethane, the new Rotomatic 2C is simpler to assemble than traditional elastomer products and is capable of withstanding high temperatures and pressures (500 bar - 100 ° C), besides being more resistant to cutting and extrusion.

Apart from these, the company will be showcasing several new products from their pneumatic, industrial equipment, diesel technology lines as well as custom products.