Electro-Chemical Devices’ (ECD) S10 and S17 Sulfide Sensors provide advanced instrumentation to help plants and processes operate smoothly and efficiently when treating water for sulfates and hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Sulfates and H2S are often present naturally in ground water in areas near oil fields, coal mines, peat deposits and areas where geothermal activity occurs. They give the water a bitter taste and the odor of rotten eggs that if left untreated makes it unsuitable as a source of municipal drinking water.

With proper analysis of sulfide levels and treatment, however, the water can then be made available to the public. The S10 Sensor is an immersion or an insertion style sensor, and the S17 is a valve retractable style sensor. They are fully re-buildable and feature a 316 stainless steel body that incorporates the sensing element, a temperature module and a signal conditioner with cabling.

The S10 and S17's pIon electrode cartridge measures the activity of "free" Sulfide ions in solution in concentrations from 0.01 to 32,000ppm over a pH range from 11-14pH. The pIon can measure Sulfide ions over a wide temperature range of 0 to 80C.