Spartan Scientific’s new solenoid operator Series 3800 has been designed for the pilot function of 3 and 4 way pneumatic directional control valves. These operators are available in plate mount and are interchangeable with most solenoid operator interfaces.

The Series 3800 also can be used in 2 way or 3 way manifold assemblies where multiple valves are combined into a single block station for transmission of air, water, or other liquid medium. The plate mount operator and the interchangeable orifice baskets make small manifolds for regulation of either automated work stations or coolant water in molding presses.

The Series 3800 has a pressure range of vacuum to 200psi depending on the orifice size and is dust-tight and water resistant to IP 65. The shading ring is standard enabling both AC and DC coils to be used on all armatures. Spartan Scientific is certified to ISO 9001 with design.