From January 2010 onwards, 40% of Statoil’s stations will be selling the new biofuel “Bensin 95”. The new biofuel will reduce carbon emissions by about 11,000tns annually. All petrol driven vehicles can use Bensin 95 containing 5% bioethanol without making any adjustments to the engine or the fuel system.

The introduction of more environmentally suitable petrol in Norway has been made possible by new regulations permitting the import and storage of bioethanol for use as fuel. The addition of small amounts of biofuel has a considerable effect in volume terms. An average family will cut its carbon emissions by about 80kg each year when they move away from regular fuel and start tanking with Bensin 95 containing 5% bioethanol. Nationwide the annual cuts as a result of Statoil’s Bensin 95-launch will amount to 11,000tns.