Dresser Masoneilan® has launched the next generation ValScope®-PRO, a diagnostic tool for control valves with both conventional and digital positioners. The ValScope-PRO helps customers identify problems by providing a scientific evaluation of valves in operation.

The tool is portable, enabling users to troubleshoot valves in-line and in harsh environments to determine which valves need to be removed. A graphic interface allows users viewing the valve as it is being tested and providing real-time analysis. The ValScope-PRO is compatible with analog, Fieldbus and HART communication protocols.

ValScope-PRO is designed to address key areas such as: the ability to test valves and positioners in-line. By being able to test valves in line, customers can pre-order replacement parts, remove valves from service only when necessary and return valves to service quickly.

Additionally, ValScope-PRO enables positioners to be checked and calibrated inline. The ValScope-PRO system features advanced diagnostic capabilities and is capable of testing more than 35 different criteria, including profile, deadband, step response and frequency. Tests can also be sequenced to run automatically.