ValvTechnologies boosts in-house welding capacities

ValvTechnologies, manufacturer of zero-leakage severe service isolation valve solutions, has expanded the company’s existing in-house welding capabilities by adding six new state-of-the-art machines dedicated to the welding process including an Arc-5 cladding machine and five Fronius cladders. Additionally, the company has hired a staff of more than 20 welders, provided hundreds of hours of training and developed procedures that have been proven to work exceptionally well over the last several years.

ValvTechnologies purchased and installed the Arc-5 cladding machine more than three years ago and provided its welders with hundreds of hours of training to ensure the proper use of the equipment. The company has completed 3mm weld overlay on valves and parts up to 30”. Purchased this year, the Fronius cladders are installed and operational. The company has completed 3mm weld overlay on valves up to 12”, 2500 class and parts.

This investment in new technology, machines and staff allows the company to bring welding entirely in-house, thus reducing lead times and significantly increasing quality.