Alphatek Hyperformance Coatings Limited

20th Anniversary.

Alphatek has just entered its 20th year in business and to celebrate is revamping and augmenting its Coating Metallurgical Services Department.

Our Metallurgy and Testing Laboratory has been expanded to include more square footage and has been upgraded with significant investment in test and analysis equipment. This is, of course, led by our resident Material Scientist and Metallurgist and will further improve our capabilities to analyse and characterise our coatings in-house. This will also increase Alphatek's ability to undertake all project related pre-qualification testing to the latest industry specifications for pre-production quality tests and associated in-production quality assurance without the need for external test houses, thereby enhancing our service to clients.

The shop floor has not been ignored and another new acoustic, fully extracted spray booth complete with HVOF and all the toys that come with this high tech piece of kit have been installed.

The website is also being refreshed to reflect the latest coating innovations and services available from one of the UK’s premier independent service provider of High Performance Coating Solutions.

As the valve and industrial gas turbine arm of the business is expanding at a great rate of knots, we are all looking to the future with an excitement and confidence that comes from knowing you have a first rate service built around a great team and strong, highly experienced Leadership.