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A new extreme: AXIUS VALVE

Europe prepares for new technologies on future missiles:
high-thrust rocket engine equipped with STÖHR valves
The European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) work together
on new ways of dealing with fuel delivery systems for Europe's future launcher systems. For
this, the TEXUS-48 launcher was sent to a thirteen-minute test flight from Kiruna (Sweden).
For the complete simulation of a full-fledged space flight two new components, so-called
Propellant Management Devices, were tested during the six-minute phase of weightlessness
for use in hydrogen and oxygen tanks.
Both experimental modules of the TEXUS 48 test vehicle developed by ASTRIUM were each
equipped with three axial flow valves of the STÖHR AXIUS series. The experimental testbed
TEXUS 48 is used to study functions under μ-g conditions and the development of the
Propellant Management Device. Simply put, the behavior of the liquid fuels hydrogen and
oxygen in zero gravity and the valve design for new ignitions are being investigated. This was
tested successfully using valves from the AXIUS series of STÖHR.
The Propellant Management Devices placed in the upper grades and at the tank outlet are
designed to provide optimal supply and bubble-free dispensing of liquid oxygen and liquid
hydrogen to the turbo pump of the engine, so that a counter-ignition is guaranteed during
the flight phase at any time.
Liquid nitrogen was used during the TEXUS 48 mission as test fluid. The STÖHR AXIUS valves
were installed within the deep cold tank of the space rocket and have proven their reliability
even under extreme conditions. The special requirements of ASTRIUM on weight, size and
the bellow sealing were fulfilled to 100 percent.
STÖHR AXIUS valves of can be used at operating temperatures between 4K and 323K. The
nominal pressure ranges up to 420 bar with a control pressure of 6 to 8 bar, optional up to
40 bar. They are suitable for all media and are available in various sizes from DN4 to DN40.
A demonstrator of the valve used as well as the AXIUS series will be displayed at the VALVE
WORLD 2012 at the booth of STÖHR ARMATUREN in hall 3 stand A82.