Stöhr Armaturen GmbH und Co KG

A new extreme: LOCKS

New globe valve LOCKS
from STÖHR for the transport of hazardous goodsn
The European Convention on the Carriage of Hazardous Goods by road (ADR) contains
special rules for road transport in terms of packaging, freight securing and identification
of hazardous goods. Amongst others, the ADR rules the classification of goods to be
transported as hazardous goods and their associated security measures, the construction
of containers, tanks and vehicles for transport as well as their multimodal transport (road
- train, boat or plane)..
So far, not all transports of hazardous goods were covered by the ADR such as the transport
of rocket fuel in space industry. Therefore it was targeted to develop a universal
globe valve leading to a lower-cost solution due to subsequent series production instead
of specific valve developments. In addition, transports can be insured due to the new
certification. STÖHR ARMATUREN in cooperation with its development partner
ASTRIUM*, the leading European space company, as initial customer and operator
developed the valve series LOCKS complying with TPED (EU directive on transportable
pressure equipment), ADR, RID (rail) and IMDG (maritime). Also requirements of the clean
air act (TA Luft) are met.
The development is completed and the valve is currently in the certification process for
the approval of the Pi mark for 2013. While valve sales for applications for various transportable
rocket fuels will be made by ASTRIUM, the globe valve for all other caustic, toxic
or explosive liquids can be obtained from STÖHR ARMATUREN. The valve will be available
as cylinder, straight-through or angle valve. Various end connections will be available.
STÖHR products have already been approved for transport of hazardous goods since
1988, so the company has a long track record in this field. The LOCKS demonstrator is
shown on the VALVE WORLD 2012 on stand A82 in hall 3 of STOEHR ARMATUREN.