Butterfly Valves wafer type DN 600 - PN 10 with body and disc in cast iron GGG50, liner in Epdm equipped with spring return actuator with emergency handwheel and pneumatic positioner in stainless steel with control signal 4-20 mA.

This butterfly valve with liner in EPDM could be use between an operating temperature between - 40 °C and + 135°C; suitable for water (soft, sea, glycolic and industrial), steam, ozone, animal and vegetable fats, bases and diluted acids, acetic solvents, alcoholm caustic soda and atmospheric agents.

The shaft in 2 pieces the vulcanized liner on rigid ring make easier the assembly and disassembly of the valve while the two guiding bushings on the shaft grant a perfect alignment on the shaft on the body and prevent oscillations even with high pressure.

The butterfly valve is also available with disc in stainless steel or bronze and with different liners: Nbr, Ptfe, white Nbr, Nbr Carbox, Fkm, Silicon etc...and from DN 40 till DN 600.

 The butterfly valve is PED certified and available also according to Atex certification