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Beware of substandard counterfeit thermoplastic materials

Devlon V-API thermoplastic valve seats

Following reports of a number of catastrophic failures in service it has come to our attention that sub-standard copies of James Walker Devlon® V-API thermoplastic material are being offered to valve manufacturers and end users.

James Walker Devlon® materials were developed in the 1980s – each variant specifically formulated to match the demands of a particular application. Devlon® V-API was developed to provide enhanced performance across a wide temperature and pressure range in valve seat duties with a comprehensive range of properties including wear resistance, impact strength and improved resistance to moisture absorption.

The original Devlon® thermoplastics are still manufactured at only one location in the UK, under strict process controls that ensure the required performance characteristics of each material are achieved and maintained. The product formulations have never been revealed to any third party manufacturer and no other company has ever been granted a manufacturing licence.

Our thermoplastic materials are available through the James Walker network of companies and a select number of authorised distributors who work closely with our business.

Although we can easily test and identify our own material’s unique ‘signature’ we advise you to confirm the authenticity of any thermoplastic material supplied to you under the Devlon® name by contacting George Robertson, product director at our manufacturing centre in the UK.
James Walker Devol Tel:+44 (0)1475 883 252 george.robertson@jameswalker.biz

The occurrence of non-original Devlon® products appears to be particularly common in the Chinese market. If you have any questions or concerns about product offered to you under the Devlon® name in this region, please don’t hesitate to contact our company offices in China, James Walker (Shanghai) Sealing Technology Ltd, Tel:+86 21 6876 9351 sales.cn@jameswalker.biz