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Biggest test bench double clamping style

Horizontal test rig with COMBINED clamping style. Both style are available: Bore plugs & Proportional press clamping. Max reaction power 4000 TON. Basement is equipped with two special low profile lifters able to support valve up to 80 ton. The mobile reaction bridge is moved by two screwed columns that assure the complete absence of external forces on valve body in case of “bore plugs” clamping style. An hydraulic cylinder installed on fixed bridge allow test on flanged valves, using proportional modulation of clamping effort. This prerogatives makes it conform to the most diffuse international test standards. In the basement, a water tank is installed as water reservoir for test procedures. The rig is controlled by SKA-1000 pressurization skid able to fill the valve with a flow ability about 1000 L/min. COntrol software has already implemented test procedures for pruction or qualification verify according to API / ANSI / DIN / GO