Richards Industries Inc.

LowFlow Valve Introduces the Mark 708HP Series

LowFlow Valve is pleased to introduce the new Mark 708HP Series - an 8000 psi (552 bar) maximum inlet fractional flow control valve. This rugged, compact control valve is suitable for a variety of industrial and research applications. It is ideal for offshore chemical injection, hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing, high effort hydraulic actuators and many other high pressure applications. Linear and equal percentage flow characteristics are available with Cvs ranging from 0.05 (0,04 Kv) to 1.25 (1,1 Kv). In addition, the Mark 708HP is available in a wide variety of end connections and optional materials of construction making it a versatile solution to your demanding valve requirements.
Union style body / bonnet connection - provides solid construction and secure connection. The metal 'C' ring gasket provides excellent sealing without exposing the bonnet threads to the media. Adds ease to maintenance, as bonnet and actuator assembly may be removed with the body in-line.
Mechanically loaded PTFE Chevron heavy duty V ring packing - the adjustable packing arrangement maintains a proper compression, while minimizing excessive friction. The PTFE packing is suitable for temperature to 450°F (232°C), while mechanically loaded Graphoil may be used for higher temperature requirements.
Rolling diaphragm - the rolling diaphragm design ensures that the effective diaphragm area remains relatively constant, regardless of valve stem position. This increases accuracy of the actuator while positioning the valve by ensuring a linear response to input signal changes.
Guided trim - extended orifice and plug guiding are standard and offers improved shutoff and accuracy.
Standard with side mount positioner.