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New Online Pump Selector Allows Collaboration & Sharing of Pump Curves

PUMP-FLO Premium

LACEY, Washington—August 11 2010— PUMP-FLO™ Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), announces the release of PUMP-FLO Premium a major update to their web-based pump selection software. The new program is a subscription-based web-version of its popular PUMP-FLO software. The new PUMP-FLO Premium features a secure cloud computing technology, a refined user interface and coincides with a completely redesigned website. New collaborative sharing tools, the saving of pump search lists and the ability of searching through multiple manufacturer's catalogs at one time, top the list of new highlights. http://tinyurl.com/pump-flopremium

PUMP-FLO Premium is a subscription-based service meeting the needs of pump users, specifying engineers, pump resellers, and manufacturers for sizing and selection, showing dynamic pump curves and aiding purchasers and suppliers in the quotation process. Over 80 pump manufacturers support the PUMP-FLO Premium program by making their pump performance catalogs available in electronic format. The program searches from over 135,000 digitized pump curves, making PUMP-FLO the largest pump performance database in the world.

"One new feature that I am sure will please many current users is the ability to search from more than one manufacturer's catalog at a time. This has been a request for some time now, and we wanted to provide a tool that isn't available in any single program right now in the market," said Carolyn Popp, President and Chief Technical Officer for Engineered Software, Inc. "Listening to customer feedback is what has made PUMP-FLO the industry standard, and this is another example of where we are listening to our customers to provide the best tools available. With over 200,000 registered users of the PUMP-FLO software, we are fortunate to have a vast database of customer ideas to draw from."

One goal of PUMP-FLO Premium is to create a community of pump users where collaboration is simple and easy. Utilizing the latest in cloud computing technology, PUMP-FLO Premium stores pump projects on secured Web servers, and enables sharing of the pump selection between users. The new "List Manager" feature makes this possible, allowing users to save their "Selection Lists," add project notes, customize the view and rename columns. The List Manager also lets users share saved search results with anyone having an e-mail address and internet access including non-subscribers. The user has the ability to allow full access or a view only status to with whomever they are sharing. Non-subscribers can view the Selection List for free on the PUMP-FLO Premium collaboration website as "View Only."

PUMP-FLO Premium New Features:
• Search across multiple manufacturers' product lines simultaneously.
• New search format shows estimate of the number of results for each searched design point.
• Real-time interactive controls for adjusting pump speed and impeller diameter, displaying results on the pump curve.
• Save custom searches in the all-new List Manager.
• Share saved searches with anyone via email and allow them to view, modify, or share ownership.
• Add custom data and notes to pumps on the selection lists.
• Customize printed reports and add your company's logo.
• Fully collaborate on projects with other users in real time and email or share all printed reports.

General Software Facts:
• Web-based and Windows-based desktop (CD), platforms available.
• 85 catalogs are available on the free web based version, PUMP-FLO Select. Over 100 catalogs are available through the PUMP-FLO desktop and paid online PUMP-FLO Premium service versions.
• PUMP-FLO pump selection tool is included as part of the PIPE-FLO® piping system design software.
• PUMP-FLO Premium Video Product Tour http://tinyurl.com/PUMP-FLOVideo
• Free Web-version has over 200,000 registered users.
• Over 135,000 pumps digitized for use in the PUMP-FLO software product line.
• DEMO - free trial available for the Desktop version.
• PUMP-FLO Premium ONLINE Pricing Available

About PUMP-FLO Solutions (An Engineered Software Business) – Launched in 2002, PUMP-FLO Solutions is an Engineered Software business unit established to further develop and market the PUMP-FLO Enterprise product line and software suite. The PUMP-FLO Enterprise (PFE) solution delivers proven capabilities that help manufacturers automate their entire front-end business processes in order to reduce costs, improve accuracy, improve customer and distributor satisfaction, and increase profit margins. The PFE Software is a Windows-based (CD) program established in 1989 followed by the Web-based platform in 2002, both are used for product sizing and selection, pricing/configuration, quotation and proposal generation, order processing, parts ordering, and much more. PUMP-FLO Solutions currently provides software to over 100 manufacturers, including Ingersoll-Rand, Patterson, Gorman-Rupp, Cornell, Crane Pumps and Systems, and National Oilwell to name a few. For more information visit www.pump-flo.com.

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