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The OPOS®-Interface is an innovative standard interface for the reliable and efficient connec-tion of a smart positioner and a linear or part-turn pneumatic actuator, based on the VDI/VDE Standard 3847. The benefits provided by the interface are: reduced mounting costs, reduced spare parts inventory, increased reliability and stability as well as the ability to safely replace the positioner during operation by means of integrated interlocking. This also particularly ap-plies to safety-related applications

As there is no piping between the posi-tioner and the actuator and as the pres-sure gauges are mounted on the actuator, installation can be performed with mini-mum effort and at low cost. The standard interface is vendor-independent and offers users maximum flexibility where the selec-tion of products is concerned.
The OPOS® -Interface is innovative, sim-ple, cost-effective, rugged and safe in plant operation.

The determination of SIL rating for a con-trol valve is the combination of “failure probability” of all components combined. The OPOS®-Interface improves the SIL rating of the complete valve package by reducing the number of mechanical com-ponents and connections between the smart positioner and the actuator, increas-ing the total reliability of the system.

Having an actuator with OPOS®-Interface, all you need is a positioner which pro-vides an integrated interface to VDI 3847 and consequently can be mounted onto the actuator easily and without any addi-tional adaption parts on the positioner side. This direct interface is given by the newly developed option 827A-OPOS, based on the well-proven 827A digital positioner. With all options and modules identical in construction with the SIPART PS2, starting from the standard postitioner with 4-20 mA signal with a range up to Fieldbus compatible devices, for the first time there is a positioner system existing fitting tor the new standardised direct mounting.