Entech Controls

Piston Actuators

Piston Act.With Side mounted Handwheel
4. Piston Actuator
PA series Single acting and Double acting pneumatic
Piston Actuators available in 5 models. PA-150,PA-
250,PA-330,PA-400 & PA-500 with corresponding
effective area as 180,500,830,1270 & 2000 sq.cm.
Travel- 38mm to 178mm
Spring Range- 0.2-1.0 bar, 0.4-2.0 bar, 0.8-2.4 bar etc.
PA series Actuators can be providing with SMH- Side
mounted Hand wheel as manual override. This is
Both for Single as well as Double acting actuators.
All actuators can be supplied for working in NUCLEAR