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The Academy of Joint Integrity

The Academy of Joint Integrity
Flange Joint Assembly Training:

The FDS Group of companies (Flexitallic Group, Novus Sealing, Siem Suprante and Induseal Gaskets), is pleased to announce the launch of The Academy of Joint Integrity.

The lack of standardized qualifications for bolted joint assemblers has been identified as an issue by many in the industry and is a leading cause of joint leakage.

Welders are able to train and become certified to industry standards, but bolted joint assemblers have no such system, even though they assemble pressure boundary joints on the same equipment as welders.

There have been advances in gasket testing technology in recent years that have allowed great improvements to be made in the specification of gaskets for the refinery applications, minimizing the likelihood of joint leakage and resulting in reduced operating cost. In addition advances in joint assembly procedures have enabled significant reduction in joint assembly times, while resulting in a more uniform and appropriate final gasket stress distribution and therefore lower likelihood of leakages.

The Academy of Joint Integrity provide Accredited and Awareness Training Courses in Joint integrity and Flange Management processes, underpinning the importance of certified bolted joint assemblers to achieving and maintaining a Leak Free Bolted Connection.

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