Interview in the run-up to Valve World Expo 2014

2 to 4 December 2014 will see Valve World Expo with its supporting conference run at Düsseldorf exhibition centre for the third time now. How has the trade fair developed since its Düsseldorf debut in 2010?

As the world’s leading trade fair for industrial valves Valve World Expo has experienced continuous growth at the Düsseldorf location. 2010 saw 535 exhibitors come to the exhibition halls on the Rhine, in 2012 as many as 591 from 37 countries participated. They occupied 15,500 square metres of net exhibition space in two exhibition halls.

Valve World Expo also posted rising visitor attendance. Over 10,500 visitors from 57 countries travelled to Düsseldorf in 2012. Of these 70% came from abroad, especially the Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain. However, trade visitors also came to Düsseldorf from as far away as India and China.

Today, just about three months to the start of the third edition of Valve World Expo, as many as 626 companies from 40 countries have registered already. The strongest exhibiting countries after Germany are Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France, the USA, Turkey, the Netherlands, India, Taiwan and China.

We have even opened up a third exhibition hall to satisfy the many requests. With over 17,700 square metres of occupied space, more exhibition space has already been sold at this stage than the total area sold in 2012.

Valve World Expo holds great economic potential because valves form the basis and serve as the interface for upstream and downstream technologies such as pumps, filter and tube systems. They are indispensable to all technological automation processes and a key component in nearly all sectors of industry.

What about the accompanying conference this year?
As in previous years – organisation of the conference will be in the proven hands of KCI. For 2014 we have decided to dovetail the content of the trade fair and the conference more closely also in visual terms, which is why the conference will now be held right amid the hustle and bustle of the fair, namely in Hall 4.

Plant, machinery, components and systems are presented at the trade fair, while conference seminars and workshops go into greater depth on their application processes or discuss innovative solutions for the use of different valves. Various expert lectures focus on topics like emissions, seals, castings, standardisation, materials, testing and new designs.

This means we offer experts an information and communication platform in Hall 4, in the heart of trade fair activity – as well as short distances to cover and a dovetailing of theory and practice.

How does the Valve World Expo fit into the portfolio of Düsseldorf trade fairs?
The international trade fair for industrial valves fits our trade fair portfolio like a glove. It provides a key interface for our machinery and equipment events. After all, no industrial automation process could do without fittings, valves and non-return valves.

Special synergies also exist with Tube, the International Tube Trade Fair held every two years. In addition to Tube, the Düsseldorf trade fair location also hosts “wire” as the world’s biggest trade fair for wire and cable as well as the trade fair quartet GMTN (GIFA – International Foundry Trade Fair, METEC – International Metallurgical Technology Trade Fair, THERMPROCESS – International Trade Fair for Thermal Process Engineering and NEWCAST – International Castings Trade Fair). With its focus on casting, metal working, thermal technology and the applications for cast parts GMTN boasts concentrated technological power in Düsseldorf every four years.

Valve World Expo forms part of the global line-up of flow-technology trade fairs, which also encompasses international spin-off events in China (Valve World Expo Asia) and the USA (Valve World Expo Americas) as well as our international Tube trade fairs in India, China, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, the Arab states and NEFTEGAZ in Russia.

What will be different in 2014?
First of all, we will be opening three exhibition halls, Halls 3, 4 and 5. Given there was already a long waiting list of people interested in exhibiting in 2012 we were forced to meet this demand this time. By adding Hall 5 and opening the North entrance required by this move we now have the chance to grow further within the fair grounds.

Furthermore, the PUMP SUMMIT will be held for the first time at the Stadthalle at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre on 2 and 3 December 2014. Here manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and end users of pumps, compressors and seals will have a technical forum all to themselves. By holding the event concurrently with Valve World Expo valuable synergies can be generated for the experts in both industries.

The PUMP SUMMIT will be accompanied by a seminar whose speakers will address such issues as energy efficiency, the future recruitment of engineers, fugitive emissions, sealing technology, purchasing and maintenance, to name but a few topics.

Available at the PUMP SUMMIT will be some 60 exhibition stands on 2,000 square metres of net exhibition space at the Stadthalle venue. Here an exchange on new technologies and expert know-how is to take place in a relaxed setting.

Who should attend the PUMP SUMMIT?
Experts from the fields of pumps and pump systems in various industries meet in Düsseldorf with a view to optimising pump applications in terms of safety, performance, reliability and costs. The aim is to raise industry awareness worldwide about using the right pump type and pump accessories.

The trade fair and seminar predominantly focus on such markets as water & waste water, building services, food & beverage, the mining and (petro-) chemical industry, oil & gas, energy generation, the pharmaceutical industry, shipbuilding, paper & pulp and engineering & contracting.