Visitor statements on Valve World Expo 2014

Pankaj Garg
Pankaj Garg has come all the way from India to see the latest technological developments in the valve universe. As head of car assembly of an automobile company his attention goes to solutions for the automative sector. “The Valve World is an excellent opportunity, a very well organized exhibition with a decent layout, highly international, marvellous! I will definitely come back!”
Brahmi Zouhaier
Brahmi Zouhaier works for an engineering and consulting company in Tunisia and is looking for different solutions directed to the piping industry. He maintains relations with Mediterranean countries like Algeria, Morocco and Libya. “The International Chamber of Commerce from Germany invited me to come. I am very pleased to be at Valve World Expo 2014, because you can create excellent B2B relations here.”
Stephanie Wisniewski
Stephanie Wisniewski from the US is seeking new approaches for valves in the oil- and chemical industry. “I particularly enjoy the way solutions are visualized here, for example with videos on big displays or as transparent models made out of plexiglass. One gets a very good impression of the functioning of the valves. It is really worth coming here!”
Kenneth Liao
Kenneth Liao works for a young Chinese company that establishes the coating of valves with laser cladding machines. “It is the first time that I have joined Valve World Expo and I am positively surprised! It is an excellent opportunity to see our competitors, learn from them and talk to prospective customers.”
Margot Raffel
Margot Raffel from Germany wanted to change sides and left her office where she does inside sales in order to see things with the eyes of a distributor. She is therefore now on location and looks for innovations in industrial pumps. That’s why she is particularly interested in the Pump Summit, which takes place for the first time parallel to Valve World Expo 2014. “It is always better to do business face-to-face and to examine a product with your own hands than doing it in front of the computer. It will consolidate much better in your memory!”
Michelle Gallo
Michelle Gallo works for an actuator company in England. “I love to do face to face business. I can really recommend Valve World Expo because there are so many different people here, that you can always find your business opportunity!”
Fernando José
Fernando José from Portugal is looking for control valves and valves with pressure-relieving properties. “I am looking for innovations, new suppliers and customers. All big players are present here. As it is very well organized, it’s a pleasure to be here.”